5R8EO Satellite Activity March 1996

Hi satellite Dxers,

When in Madagascar I lost a number of days before I could pick up my licence. I got it on march 4th, 1996 but limited to the 9th - the planned departure date for Mayotte. After having learned that things are quite difficult in Madagascar I decided not to take any equipment on our trip to Mayotte. Customs handling is in Majunga, a coastal town in Madagascar halfway towards Mayotte. In case of any trouble on return they might have kept my equipment about 600 kms away from Tana.I came back from Mayotte on Friday, march 15, but could not get the new authorisation for the rest of the time in Madagascar on that day, because my return to Tana was after the bureau hours of the Malagasy Telecom. I had asked them whether I would be allowed to operate through the weekend and picking up the licence on monday. They gave me their ok for that and I worked quite a lot of stations during this weekend - mainly from JA on OSCAR 10.

Here are the results - I am sorry not having worked more - but be sure the Malagasy Telecom kept me busy all over the time with a lot of things and what had been planned as holiday with a bit of ham radio operation turned out to be ham radio with a bit of holiday.

Prefix Number Number Prefix Number Number
C5 1   PA 5 5
DL 116 8 PJ2   1
F 3 5 S5 1  
G 1   SM 2 1
HB9 4 2 SP 1  
I 4   SV 1
JA 45   TI 1  
LX   1 VE 2  
OE 4 2 VK 1  
OH 1   VS6  
ON 1   W 3  
OZ 2 1 YO  


Several of the possible windows were unusable due to horizon mask problems or on heavy rain ( it was still the season down there ).

Thanks for calling - hope to see you again the next time when I am " on the road " again.




Satellite Activity from
QTH              :  Hotel BELLEVUE, ANTANANARIVO
IOTA             :  AF-013
WAZ              :  39
ITU                :  53

RESULTS : AO-10  100 Calls - 21 DXCC entities, AO-13  28 Calls - 11 DXCC entities
altogether 128 Calls - 24 DXCC entities worked